At Catalyst Psychology, we offer high quality Psychology assessments to children (6yrs +), adolescents, young adults and adults to help you better understand yourself or your child. This includes Cognitive (IQ or Intelligence), Educational Attainment, Giftedness, Autism, ADHD and Specific Learning Difficulty (eg., Dyslexia, Dyspraxia etc) assessments, and Department of Education Special Consideration applications.

Each assessment is tailored to the individual and the reason for the assessment. Then we prepare detailed reports with specific recommendations for you, or your child and their school. Reports can also be used for funding applications. Feedback sessions are conducted to help you understand the results and where to get support.
This can enable you to help yourself or your child better cope with the demands of everyday life and improve.

Many assessments are conducted via iPads to make the testing more appealing. They are a fun, interactive and engaging way to complete some assessments.

Medicare, Private Health and NDIS funding is available to assist with the cost of assessment, depending on your circumstances.

CCP conducts the following types of assessments:

  • Intellectual or Cognitive Assessments
    These help understand thinking style, strengths and weakness in thinking, problem solving, concentration, learning and memory. This can include assessment for Specific Learning Disorders and Global Developmental/Intellectual Delay and Giftedness.
  • Academic Achievement or Educational Assessment
    These measure the academic abilities, strengths and weaknesses of children and adolescents.
  • Special Consideration for Department of Education Exams/Tasks
  • Adaptive Behaviour Assessment
    These tests identify a person’s ability to manage daily living skills such as independent self-care, social interactions and appropriate behaviour
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments
    To assess whether a child or adolescents meets the criteria for ASD. These assessments may be conducted jointly with a Paediatrician, a Speech Pathologist or an Occupational Therapist. We are registered for Medicare Rebates with a referral from a Paediatrician.
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Assessments
    To assess whether a child or adolescent meets the criteria for ADHD. These assessments may be conducted jointly with a Paediatrician. We are registered for Medicare Rebates with a referral from a Paediatrician.
  • Psychological Assessments: To assess for specific mental health diagnoses, the impact of psychological issues on work, relationships and daily living skills, and providing detailed reports and recommendations.

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