We provide expert advice for individuals aged 18 years and over. We aim to improve your psychological health, relationships and change your life. We also have experience in working with Young Adults (18-25 years) who have their own unique needs.

How we can help

Children, Teenagers and their Caregivers

We enjoy helping children and teenagers aged 4-18 years with a wide range of developmental problems, psychological needs, relationship issues and school difficulties. We value working with parents, carers and schools so that they can help their young people grow, feel calmer and happier, and get on better with others.

How we can help

Psychological Assessments

We are trained in conducting thorough Psychological Assessments for children, teenagers and adults. We can help you understand your own or your child’s learning and cognitive abilities, developmental difficulties, thinking skills and weaknesses, and psychological diagnosis.

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Dr Kirsty Hildebrandt is an Endorsed Supervisor with AHPRA. She provides Supervision to Psychologists, including General Psychologists, School Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists and Probationary Psychologists. She has been a Supervisor for over 14 years and has trained Psychologists, Psychiatric Registrars, Teachers, Childcare Educators and other Allied Health Professionals. She continues to assist the professional development of others and is available to provide supervision, including for Clinical Endorsement.

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